WEATBAG contributor information

You don’t just play WEATBAG, you can take part in creating it too. These docs explain how to write new tiles for the game.

The idea is that anything goes, but we do need a few house rules:

  1. Don’t mess with the real life user or their computer. Deleting files, accessing personal information, sending spam and executing untrusted code are all off limits.
  2. The content is in English. If you want to work in another language, you’re welcome to take our code and start your own fork.
  3. For now, stick to what’s provided in the Python 3 standard library. We might allow some extra dependencies later on.

If you prefer to learn by example, have a look at the tiles already in the game.

Once you’ve made a tile or a group of tiles, submit a pull request to add it to the game. Don’t hang about - if someone else adds tiles in the same location, the first one ready to merge gets the spot.

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